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“…Overall, “Revangels” is one hell of a debut release from a very promising band. The music is expertly crafted to appeal to any fans of the genre and the vocals are different enough to clearly distinguish them from their fierce competition.” / Dark Emperor
AKOMA, the leading symphonic metal act from Denmark for over a decade now, have just finished up making their first full-lenght album, REVANGELS.
AKOMA was formed in 2004 by vocalist Tanya Bell and guitarist Morten Bell, and have with the release of Lost Forest 2007 (Promo), and The Other Side in 2012 (EP) proven more than once that they belong among great acts such as Nightwish, Xandria and Within Temptation.

In 2006 the band released their first promo-ep “Angels of Revenge”. In the subsequent period, the lineup was changed to have Daniel Nielsen on bass and Peter Buur on drums. In 2007, AKOMA released the promo “Lost Forest” which was mixed by legendary Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Night Rage, Invocator, Volbeat). Lost Forest received several good reviews and was in April 2007 declared the promo of the month in Denmark’s largest music magazine Gaffa. Furthermore AKOMA was named ”Band of The Week” at Denmark’s biggest upcoming musiccommunity (ex and also nominated for the unheard! Award. Akoma has performed several times at the largest underground scene in Denmark ”The Rock”, where they have played with acts like Veni Domine and Nightlight among others. AKOMA has also supported Leaves’ Eyes at the finest club in Copenhagen, High Voltage.

The 17th of March 2012, AKOMA released the EP “The Other Side”, which consists of six atmospheric songs full of Tanya Bell’ spherical voice. “The Other Side” is recorded and produced by Morten Bell and also this time Jacob Hansen has mixed and mastered the EP. ”The Other Side” featuring, five new and fresh shot at AKOMA song strain, added a remake of the song “Guardian Angel”, which was previously released on “Angels of Revenge,” but on “The Other Side” appears in updated version.

With their new album, REVANGELS, Akoma want’s to show their fans a new side of them self but still true to their old sound. REVANGELS is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studios in Germany. “REVANGELS seems more arthentic and real in it’s sound, but still have epic symphonic elements in its sound. The title track Revangels is also featuring Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes) which have given the song an extra dimension.

REVANGELS is going to be released worldwide via MASSACRE RECORDS, January 27, 2017.





“One of the finest Symphonic Metal albums in years”Simon Bower /
“….Call it what you will, but “The Other Side” sounds like a great place to live.”
“This is one of those compositions that make us yearn for more…”Doctor T. /